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Sweet Paradise


Age: 26
Height: 152
Weight: 50
Breast size: 2
Mon 22.07.2024 Day
Sweet Paradise


Age: 36
Height: 168
Weight: 55
Breast size: 2
Mon 22.07.2024 Day
Sweet Paradise


Age: 33
Height: 153
Weight: 43
Breast size: 1
Mon 22.07.2024 Night
Sweet Paradise


Age: 26
Height: 152
Weight: 50
Breast size: 2
Mon 22.07.2024 Night
Sweet Paradise


Age: 36
Height: 168
Weight: 55
Breast size: 2
Mon 22.07.2024 Night
Sweet Paradise


Age: 30
Height: 180
Weight: 70
Breast size: 2
Mon 22.07.2024 Night
Sweet Paradise


Age: 25
Height: 177
Weight: 62
Breast size: 2
Mon 22.07.2024 Night

Sweet Paradise is a sensual heaven for everyone who wants to enjoy the presence of beautiful girls and endless fun. Feel free to enter right now regardless of your tastes and wishes. Our night club and escort service employ girls from Bohemia, Moravia and Slovakia. They are brunettes, blondies, gingers, slim ones and fuller ones. There are all sorts of very attractive types of girls who will become your guides through your dream paradise.

The girls will take you to the world of no earthly worries. There is only rest, relax and relief from every day’s stress in Sweet Paradise. You can just stop by and enjoy the evening.
Our charming girls will pay their attention to you in the cosy clubs, your hotel or lodgings.

And if you couldn't find the right companion of your dreams in just one of the companies? Nothing is lost! We will be happy to take you to the second night club we operate. And that would be that you wouldn't find your dream girl there either!

Our motto is „Our customer is our master“. Therefore, we will do our best to make you fully satisfied. So except for the girls, there are also exquisite drinks available in our clubs. They say that Prague is a heart of Europe where various cultures come together. That’s also why you can find typical Slavic beauty as well as exotic girls, Czech beer and fine drinks from various other countries in our clubs. We are very thorough when it comes to cleanliness and safety of our customers. High-quality service and a wide selection of beautiful companions go without saying. 
And all that is offered at great prices! Which has been experienced by thousands of happy customers of the SWEET PARADISE night clubs!


1 USD 23 CZK


1 EUR 25 CZK

1 GBP 29.5 CZK


1 CHF 25.5 CZK


1 CAD 16.5 CZK


1 PLN 5.5 CZK

✱ ATM for use inside the club ✱

Our Club - sweet paradise

The Night Club SWEET PARADISE is in the very heart of Vinohrady, Prague, and it’s made to deliver kingly experiences.

When entering the club itself you will know that you are walking toward a unique experience. There are brass banisters and doors right under the stairs with a sweet paradise awaiting you. It only takes a handful of steps to reach a well stocked bar and luxurious leather sofas that enable you to fully observe the dancing stage. If you choose one of the girls you may go enjoy the privacy of one of the rooms instantly. The first one is located directly at the entrance, another one is available at the main lobby of the club and the other ones, including the VIP room, are placed at the back of the club.

All our rooms offer privacy so you can enjoy beautiful moments with one of the 120 girls who take shifts in our club. There is a very pleasant atmosphere in the rooms. There is a shower room or a bath tub available for each room. Your experiences will be also enhanced by an erotically charged music. You may also order some drinks and refreshment to be delivered directly to your room. It only takes one phone call to the bar. The whole evening will then go as you wish depending only on your desires and imagination.

Prague 3, Slezská 75
GPS: 50°4’35.639N, 14°27’20.793E
Opens: 12:00 AM – 05:00 AM

Our Club - sweet paradise Dolly

The night club Dolly is located at the historical site of Žižkov. As soon as you walk down the stylish spiral stairs you get directly to the bar. Luxurious leather sofas will definitely entice you into sitting down and have a look at the dancing stage. Enjoy the presence of the girls and pick the one that will make all your wishes come true.

Then you can take advantage of the privacy of one of the rooms with your chosen girl. The rooms are available at the back of the lobby and on the ground floor.

That’s where you can, undisturbed, enjoy the company of our friendly girls. Each room is equipped with bath tubs, shower rooms and restrooms. The perfect atmosphere is also enhanced by optimal temperature, air conditioning, erotic music or a drink you may order by a phone call to the bar. Any refreshment will be delivered directly to your room. Cleanliness, discreet approach and our guests’ safety is our priority. We provide careful cleaning service after every customer’s visit, painstakingly washed sheets and towels are, of course, a must. We do our best and walk the extra mile to make our customers happy and comfortable in our night clubs.

Prague 3, Chelčického 5
GPS: 50°5’2.135″N, 14°27’15.603″E
Opens: Mon - Sat - 08:00 PM - 05:00 AM

Our Theme Rooms

  • sweetparadise.cz


    Pick your princess from amongst our girls and become her princ in one of the medieval rooms. There is a giant four-poster bed with curtains that welcomes you for a frolic with your princess and accompanying damsels if you choose so. The size of the bed entices one into the wildest plays you can imagine. The medieval phantasy is completed by a giant wooden oak bucket that can be used as a bath tub. The medieval atmosphere is also emphasized by tastefully chosen flickering lights easily to be mistaken for pleasant candle light.
  • sweetparadise.cz


    This room is an actual salt cave providing all the salt cave health benefits. The construction of more than 2.000 kg of salt blocks illuminated by pleasant soft light reates a once-in-a- life-time atmosphere right in this place.
    Combine a good health care with fun and a beautiful escort!



I really enjoy every visit. The private rooms are clean, the girls are fragrant and professional at all times. My favorite is Angel.


Excellent location, stylish surroundings, just the perfect environment for a guy's relaxation.


I can only praise. Service without the slightest mistake, complete professionalism everywhere.


Even if you don't end up in a private room at the end, it's still great adult entertainment.


You go to a place like this for one thing, and the girls here do it perfectly. I've tried Miss Denise myself and she's pretty good!


Nice environment, discretion, cleanliness. I highly recommend.


I visited yesterday, I can only recommend it. Everything went according to my wishes.


A perfect experience, I recommend it!


Sunday was my first time at Sweet Paradise, and I know it certainly won't be my last. Great fun, perfect girls.


Whirlpool's great. I had a great time with Amy. I'll definitely do it again.


Fun from start to finish. Recommended.


I visited on Sunday, Mrs. Markéta was there. She was professional, kind and responsive. The sex was amazing.


If you already have some experience with this kind of businesses, definitely try Sweet paradise as well. In my opinion, it meets perfectly all the needs of the client from the service to the companion. Everything as it should be and the prices are not exorbitant either.


The girls are professional, clean, fragrant and will do everything for you that they see in your eyes.
So satisfaction.


Sweet Paradise is my favourite place in Prague. I love it.


Those who like ticklish experiences will really enjoy themselves here. And even in a not quite traditional sense. There are also SM or whirlpools. Just perfect.


Very nice interior of the club, nice service and great companions.


I visited Sweet Paradise - Dolly and I am very pleasantly surprised. The environment with a great atmosphere, discretion, professionalism and perfect cleanliness.


Clean, fragrant rooms. Discretion. OK for me.


I visit quite regularly. It's a perfect place for relaxation.


There's a man's oasis just off the subway. They've got beautiful girls, nice service and great drinks. I can recommend it.


I was there on Monday, and I met 😉 with Mina. A beautiful, fragrant blonde with boobs #4. Just a treat.


I love coming back. For me the best club in Prague.


I got exactly what I wanted for my money. And that's what this is all about.


Very accessible, they even have their own taxis between branches. Friendly service, lovely girls.


My visitor experience is all in all, I recommend the hot tub. Absolute cleanliness, great!


Great conversation and serious business. The girls are really classy and there is something for everyone.


Elite among gentlemen's clubs! Everything is perfect, to a tee!


The prices at the bar are higher, but compared to other establishments of this nature they are quite comparable, maybe even a bit lower.


In Sweet paradise I booked Mrs Zuzka, she was absolutely amazing. She is nice, communicative and she really knows how to do it. You can just tell she enjoys her work.


Like I have a comparison, but the Sweet girls are unbeatable.


Great atmosphere and environment ideal for relaxing after work. I recommend.


A design environment with pleasant company and good drinks. I often and gladly visit.


The girls are nice, clean, discreet and professional, so it's not a seedy dump. It's exactly what I expect from a place like this.


No question, the perfect place to relax.


All your sexual dreams will come true here. SM, Jacuzzi, threesome..., great for me!


Mrs. Markéta is already a senior, but she does her job perfectly. I recommend her.


The girls who are there have a job more like a mission. 😉 Professionals, all the way.


Beautiful girls! For me not only thumbs up! 😉


Discretion and always serious conduct. Plus beautiful girls. Five stars for me.


I am more of a holiday visitor, but I always leave satisfied.


Beautiful girls, good drinks. Just bliss.


Amazing atmosphere, perfect lighting. Super ladies. For me, yes. I'll be back.


Top bachelorette party! Thank you very much!


The perfect place for a Friday night.


A great place for fine tolerant people who like to have fun. It's all classy.


It was my first time here, but I will definitely be back. I can recommend it.


The setting is like an American movie, an escape from reality for me, but very pleasant. I recommend it.


Club Sweet Paradise is one of my favourite places. Great girls.


The best club in Prague. I've been a few times and it's always a blast.


Everything as it should be.


I really enjoyed my visit! Thanks a lot to Emma! I will be back soon.


I had so much fun. I spent a lot of money, but it was worth it.


Lovely girls in nice atmosphere club.


I come here regularly, the girls are great and professional. Plus warm atmosphere and friendly service.


This is what adult entertainment should look like! I'd love to come back. Thanks.


Safety and discretion, I always feel great here.


I can recommend.


Great place!


Discreet, clean rooms with absolute privacy. Just a perfect environment.


Those girls know what a guy needs.


Great place, especially for a bachelorette party.


A place for tolerant people who like to have fun. I like to go there and I am always satisfied.


Professional services from A to Z. Great service, the girls are classy and really skilled.
I recommend Angel.


Miss Daria was magnificent on Sunday. I don't want to elaborate more, but I can only write about her oral skills in superlatives.


One of my favourite places in Prague. When I want to relax, I go here.


I've been and keep coming back. The service is top notch, perfect service company of lovely ladies, stylish interior. My favourite is Inés, I really recommend it.


Julie is just a sweetheart. I like to stop by every now and then.


Mrs. Margaret can take it! Professional in every way. Plus you can see that she really enjoys her work and that makes it a different experience.


Great place. Five-star entertainment.


The best entertainment in Prague! I recommend it!


This is where I'm gonna celebrate my next birthday. Last time was the best party ever.


I visit regularly, sometimes I just sit, sometimes I go to my room. Always everything is perfect, discreet and clean.


Very helpful service, good drinks and super companion.


Excellent location on the metro. It's three minutes from Flora station. Professional approach and perfect service. I always leave satisfied.


Beautiful girls, nice atmosphere. I feel safe here.


I will be stopping by again on my next visit to the threshold. Electrifying atmosphere, stylish surroundings, cleanliness and professionalism at every turn.


Great atmosphere, good accessibility and fun at every turn.


Perfect place for guys. Excellent company of beautiful ladies. Always something to look at. You can always go to a private room.


I can only recommend it. I have visited three times and always left satisfied and perfectly relaxed!

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