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Not much is needed for your day to brighten up. Our girls are ready right now to become your pleasant and sexy escort. They will accompany you anywhere with love and passion, be it a romantic dinner with candles, social event, visit to a theatre, business trip, holiday or just a pleasant evening or a night in the privacy of your flat or a hotel room. Tenderness, passion, amorous adventure, meeting your desires, dreams and wishes, nothing is impossible. Enjoy yourself with our escort companions who are available for exactly that kind of shared time that is happening in your mind as a fantasy for now. The girls can be yours for an hour as well as for several days.

Just choose the right one from our current offer and order!

Sweet Paradise


Age: 57
Height: 174
Weight: 66
Breast size: 5
Wed 07.12.2022 Day
Sweet Paradise


Age: 34
Height: 168
Weight: 55
Breast size: 2
Wed 07.12.2022 Day
Sweet Paradise


Age: 40
Height: 167
Weight: 70
Breast size: 6
Wed 07.12.2022 Day
Sweet Paradise


Age: 26
Height: 170
Weight: 80
Breast size: 3
Wed 07.12.2022 Night
Sweet Paradise


Age: 23
Height: 160
Weight: 48
Breast size: 3
Wed 07.12.2022 Night
Sweet Paradise


Age: 34
Height: 167
Weight: 60
Breast size: 3
Wed 07.12.2022 Night
Sweet Paradise


Age: 26
Height: 160
Weight: 100
Breast size: 4
Wed 07.12.2022 Night
Sweet Paradise


Age: 36
Height: 172
Weight: 61
Breast size: 3
Wed 07.12.2022 Night
Sweet Paradise


Age: 1927
Height: 177
Weight: 62
Breast size: 2
Wed 07.12.2022 Night
Sweet Paradise


Age: 38
Height: 150
Weight: 47
Breast size: 1
Wed 07.12.2022 Night
Sweet Paradise


Age: 23
Height: 164
Weight: 56
Breast size: 4
Wed 07.12.2022 Night
You will fall in love with our girls. You can confide in them or just relax around them and run away from the problems of a daily life. You can enjoy the luxury of carelessness which you can sometimes only rarely enjoy in the every-day life. You are in the right place. There is always the right girl just for you. No matter whether you prefer – brunettes, blondies, gingers, girls with long hair, slimmer ones or fuller ones, skinnier or endowed ones, young ones or mature ones, wild cats or innocent beauties, you’ll always be satisfied. We offer modern escort service that simply does not limit itself by offering only sex for money. It is love-making. Our girls can offer the right company and support that you need. Our escort service is, indeed, not provided only to men but also to women.
At the hotel
To the apartment
On the road
On holiday
For business trips

Escort service prices

1 hour
148.94 EUR
3 500 CZK
2 hours
246.81 EUR
5 800 CZK
3 hours
314.89 EUR
7 400 CZK
4 hours
370.21 EUR
8 700 CZK
5 hours
438.30 EUR
10 300 CZK
6 hours
493.62 EUR
11 600 CZK
8 hours
621.28 EUR
14 600 CZK
10 hours
685.11 EUR
16 100 CZK
12 hours
748.94 EUR
17 600 CZK
24 hours
1,438.30 EUR
33 800 CZK

Our clients’ experience with the escort service

"I have only the best experience. I ordered a girl for escort a couple of days ago. First, everything we telephonically agreed on, was met, second, the girl was very pleasant. It was what I needed. Great experience from the first sparks. It felt like being on a date with a beautiful girl you don’t know. She knew my wishes before I even put them into words. No unnecessary questions, simply all needs fulfilled. Honestly, I never thought it could work like that with an escort service."
"I haven’t seen such a broad variety of girls for escort for a long time. I’ve used the services of EscortSweetParadise several times already. The girls I picked were always available. And they also always did their best so I wouldn’t forget my moments with them. I must say I was very happy with the service every time."
"EscortSweetParadise was, actually, a gift from a friend. He knew I needed some time off. We (the escort girl and I) started with a dinner, we talked and then we ended up in bed. It surprised me how natural it felt. I think I’ll pay my friend back with a similar gift because it was totally worth it. That’s exactly what I needed."

1 USD 22.5 CZK


1 EUR 23.5 CZK

1 GBP 27 CZK


1 CHF 24 CZK


1 CAD 16.5 CZK



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