Age: 31
Height: 172
Weight: 60
Breast size: 2

Services: autoerotic show, erotic massage, escort, classic sex, light SM, oral sex, lady companion

Languages: czech, english
Hair: black

Gábina is inexperienced leggy beauty. Excited to know everything new and unknown as in our club or in your home can have. She is full of energy and desire and passion and all she wants to share with you. It is her love for sex and multiple orgasms need to be brought up on us. So, what are you waiting for?


1 USD 21.5 CZK


1 EUR 23 CZK

1 GBP 26 CZK


1 CHF 23 CZK


1 CAD 15.5 CZK


1 PLN 4.5 CZK

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