How to become a companion?

Are you thinking about becoming a companion but don't know what the job entails and what you should do to get it?
Let us give you the answer!

Benefits of working as a companion

Flexible working hours
Great potential profits
Work in a pleasant environment
Opportunity to see interesting places (including travel opportunities)
Pleasant working team
Recruitment allowance
Possibility of accommodation
Working as a companion is a very tempting opportunity to earn a great deal of money in a short space of time. Working as a companion is also attractive because you can meet interesting people and get to see interesting places (including foreign business trips or holidays).

Working as a companion is all about working with people. Most people are pleasant because a companion wants to have fun. The team of people in which the companion works is also pleasant. Moreover, this job can be done freely, for a few hours a week or even "full time".

However, working for our escort service is by far the most attractive because of the potential earnings. The best escorts from our catalogue earn tens of thousands per week. Of course, the actual earnings depend only on the skill of the escort herself and the time invested.

Who is a companion suitable for?

The work of a companion is a very interesting way of earning for all girls who have a positive attitude towards people and, of course, also towards fun and sex. And this in any form.

Due to all the mentioned advantages, this job is a very interesting way of earning money while studying, as a part-time job for mothers on maternity leave, or as a sudden "episode" when dealing with unexpected financial difficulties. However, working as a companion can also be a lifestyle. If you like being liked, there's nothing to worry about.

How to get started as a companion?

Do you like all the benefits mentioned and think companionship is right for you? Then contact our managers and make an appointment. Our managers will have a chat with you, answer all your questions and possibly arrange further cooperation with you straight away.

What should a companion look like?

They say "A thousand people, a thousand tastes" and this statement can be applied to escort service as well. Whether you are tall or short, wide or narrow, busty or flat, Hispanic, Asian or African American... every girl interested in working in escort service will find her niche. It doesn't matter what age or education you have. It doesn't even matter how much experience you have. All that matters is your determination.

What should a companion know?

The work of a companion is varied because it involves working with people. In general, a companion should be able to communicate with people at least a little bit, whether in Czech, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian or any other language. Prague is a world metropolis and no language can be lost in it.

By nature, a companion should be clean and have a natural desire to please. The best (meaning the most successful and desirable) like to take care of themselves. And they push and expand their core skills. Some of our companions, for example, have taken massage classes or taught themselves how to give massages. Other companions are great dancers. Discover your hidden potential and you will be among the most desirable!

How to become a companion - conclusion

If you like to be liked and if you like nightlife and people, then working as a companion could be the right job for you. You can do this job on a part-time basis only, or straight into full-time work. It all depends on your preferences.
If you are thinking about working as a companion, please contact our managers.

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1 EUR 24 CZK

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1 CAD 16 CZK


1 PLN 5.5 CZK

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