Going to a nightclub for the first time and want to feel at home? Then you should familiarize yourself with some basic information, such as the erotic services offered or how to behave with a companion. But by far the most important thing is the way of communication inside the club.

A nightclub is a very specific environment and as such comes with its own terms and verbiage. Here's a basic nightclub goer's glossary:
Call girl = a call girl, a companion who comes to your home

Drink = a glass of drink (usually alcoholic)

Room = a separate room where you and your companion can spend some private time

Escort service = a service that allows you to book a girl to your home or another place outside a nightclub

VIP Escort Service = a service that delivers a TOP companion to your home or other place

Night club = night club

Bunny girl = waitress

Stripping = dancing where the girl undresses

Strip = contact dance, a dance in which the companion performs provocative moves over the lap of the visitor


There are, of course, some sexual practices associated with nightclubbing. And not all of these practices are referred to by their original name. That's why we prefer to include a glossary of sexual practices.
Anal = anus, or a sexual practice in which limbs and objects are inserted into the anus.

Bondage = erotic binding

Cumming = male ejaculation, the moment when semen spurts out of the penis

Fisting = thrusting the whole hand into the vagina or anus

Clitoris = the vagina, the part of the female genitalia where most women get most aroused

Lubricant = lubricating gel, helps lubricate the intimate area to make intercourse as pleasurable as possible

Autoerotic = masturbation, masturbation, a type of sexual practice where a woman/man does it to themselves

Blue Pill = Viagra or Viagra-like medication (to promote male erection)

Monogamy = relationship between two partners

Polygamy = a relationship between partners who are in multiple relationships at the same time

Blowjob = oral sex, blowjob

BBW = Big Beautiful Woman, just "big" girls

Glory Hole = a hole in a wall or other partition through which a penis is pushed... someone on the other side can "take care of it"

Squirting = wet female orgasm, female "squirting"

Strap-on = strap-on penis, or playing with it

Femdom = female domination, sexual play in which the woman is dominant

Milking = male "milking", play in which the woman slowly wanks the penis with her hand and delays orgasm... sometimes there is a continuous leakage of semen droplets

Edging = delaying climax

Ruined orgasm = similar technique to edging, except that the partner is held right on the edge of orgasm during this technique

Bukkake = multiple men squirting on one woman (on the body or in the mouth)

Deepthroat = oral sex in which a man shoves his penis deep down a woman's throat

MILF = "Mother I'd like to fuck", a beautiful mature woman
We have introduced the most commonly used words and terms from the Prague nightclub environment and from the environment of the beds themselves. We believe that knowing the terms used will help you navigate our Escort service Prague much better. But don't worry, even if you don't remember any of the words from our nightclub visitor glossary, you will definitely feel great with us!

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