Gift Vouchers

Make your friends and business partners happy. You may also make their concealed dreams come true – which they would not do without you.

Set the gift voucher specifications as you please. You can choose the ideal mix of delicious drinks, beautiful girls and also, for example, a taxi ride back home from the club with the help of our configurator.

Everything will be delivered to you confidentially and discreetly to your stated address, collected on delivery. The gift voucher of your choice will arrive wrapped in a luxurious little box. S.M.Investment s.r.o. will be stated on the package as a sender so no one will ever guess what is in it.
There is probably no need to emphasize that the gift voucher holder can enter the clubs for free.

The Configurator


1 USD 22.5 CZK


1 EUR 24 CZK

1 GBP 28.5 CZK


1 CHF 24.5 CZK


1 CAD 16 CZK


1 PLN 5.5 CZK

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