Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

After you ring a bell at the door, our doorman will open and invite you in. Then you can put your things in a lockable cloakroom and he will accompany you inside the club where you can seat yourself or wait for the manager of the club or a bartender to be at your disposal. They will order you a drink and if you like they will show you the girls. There is no pressure from the girls (no walking toward you and offering themselves to you) in our club. It’s only up to you to decide if you choose one of the girls as your escort.

Discretion in the club

Discretion in the club is our number one priority. Everything takes place in private.


In case of conflicting or anti-social behavior of the guest / guests of the club, the security of the night club has the right to expel the guest / guests from the club without explaining the reason.

Health risks

Our company follows the motto, "Pleasure without Risk". This means that companions are regularly tested for sexually transmitted infections and other venereal diseases.

Is it possible to book a girl for a whole night in my own hotel room?

Yes, it is. But it’s necessary to put down a deposit, first, and ideally contact our manager/bartender in this matter.

I like the girl named “Lucy”. How do I get to know what days she is at work?

Call one of our clubs and you will be provided the information about when and where the girl works and if she is not available we will recommend another girl to you, which is equally specialized and resembles your chosen one.

We want a girl for a threesome with my spouse, is it possible?

Of course, it’s not a problem. We inform about our girls’ specialization.

I want to order a girl to my hotel room. How do I do that?

We recommend visiting our clubs and personally choosing the girl. You can also call and we will recommend a girl to you depending on your desires.

Can you provide a ride from your clubs back to my hotel or home?

Yes, we can. There’s always our private taxi available for our guests that can take you in or drive you back to your hotel/home. Please see the Contacts.

Is it possible to take the escort girl to another country?

Yes, it is. But it’s necessary to contact us beforehand, visit one of our clubs and select the girl.
For further questions, call +420 737 668 233

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1 EUR 23.5 CZK

1 GBP 27 CZK


1 CHF 24 CZK


1 CAD 16.5 CZK



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