Frequently asked questions

How's it going with you?

When you ring the doorbell, the doorman will open the door and invite you in. He or she will offer you to put your belongings in the locked cloakroom and will escort you to the club area where you can take a seat, or the club manager or barmaid will take over. They will order you a drink, and if you wish, introduce you to the girls.

In our clubs, the girls do not walk alone and do not impose themselves on you! It is up to you if you choose one of the girls as your companion.

Discretion in the club

Discretion in the club is our top priority. Everything happens in private.


In the event of conflicting or anti-social behaviour by a guest/guests of the club, nightclub security has the right to remove the guest/guests from the club without explanation.

Health risks

Our establishment follows the motto, "Pleasure without Risk". This means that female companions are regularly tested for sexually transmitted infections and other venereal diseases.

Is it possible to book a girl for the whole night at my hotel?

Yes, but a financial deposit is required and ideally you should contact the manager/bartender about this.

I like Miss Lucie, how do I find out which days she works?

CallCall us at one of the clubs and we will be happy to give you information on when and where a particular girl will be, or recommend another girl who has the same specialty and is similar in type to your chosen girl.

We would like to have a girl in a threesome with my partner, is that possible?

Yes, this is not a problem. For each of our girls we list their specialty.

I would like to book a girl to my hotel. What should I do?

The best way is to visit our clubs and choose the girl in person. Alternatively, call us and we will recommend a girl to suit your needs.

Can you arrange transport from your clubs to my hotel or home?

Yes, there is a service car available 24 hours a day at the clubs to pick you up or drop you off. For more information, please visit the Contact Information page.

Is it possible to take a girl to an escort in another state?

Yes, but you must contact us in advance, visit one of the clubs and choose the girl.
For further questions, call +420 737 668 233

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